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Condominium Unit Owners

Condo Unit Owners Coverage

The Condo Association’s policy covers the building itself and any commonly owned property. How far that coverage extends, depends upon the condo association by-laws. A condo unit owner’s policy will provide protection for permanent additions/alterations, personal property and liability.

Personal Umbrella Coverage

Protecting yourself, your family and your assets is your number one priority. But, what happens if a loss occurs and your homeowner or auto liability limits are not enough?

Our personal umbrella endorsement offers your family additional limits up to five million.

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Equipment Breakdown Coverage

We all rely on equipment from heating and air conditioning to computers and telephones. Equipment Breakdown Coverage protects you against the unexpected repair or replacement of these items as a result of mechanical, electrical or pressurized systems breakdown.

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Service Line Coverage

This great enhancement option provides coverage for damage to underground piping, wiring, valves, or attached devices that connect your home to a public utility service provider or a private system.

  • Damage to underground service line
  • Lost to repair or replace damaged covered service line
  • Repair to outdoor property that is damaged due to excavation

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Identity Theft Coverage and Resolution Services

The Farmers of Salem Homeowner policy provides an automatic $10,000 in identity theft coverage at no additional cost to you, the policyholder. You may choose to increase the limit beyond $10,000 for an additional premium.

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